Urban Slum Programme

Life in informal settlements in Cameroon is typified by lack of employment opportunities, high levels of insecurity and inadequate access to basic services such as water, sanitation, electricity and transportation. People are facing several challenges including pollution of surface water, ground water, soil, and air; degradation of some environmental resources, build-up of solid waste, drainage problems in cities, floods, landslides,…) and threats posed by climate change (rise in sea level, disruption of the seasons, increase in vulnerability,…) which hence the challenge lies in achieving the 2035 emerging goals. In order to help the government to overcome these challenges, FCTV has launched this programme in 2011. it aims at improving the lives of slum dwellers by addressing some deprivations that characterise a slum namely, inadequate water; sanitation; waste minimisation; overcrowding and tenure insecurity. Interventions are underpinned by three cross-cutting and complementary approaches: gender approach, human rights based approach, and results-based management approach. Results will be made available on our website for stakeholders, mainly policy makers with the purpose to produce an add value to the development of policy, institutional, legislative, financial, and normative and implementation frameworks.

Actually, the following three actions are part of this programme, some of them are closed and on going. Click on each to learn more

Less Waste, More Wealth

Waste to Energy

Waste Mobile Phone Recycling