Our working relationship

FCTV promotes, facilitates and supports all stakeholders including communities, experts, donors, and government engagement and participation in sustainable development in Cameroon.

Therefore, we are working with several stakeholders from Cameroon and abroad under partnerships to work towards shared goals; finding responsible solutions to local identified problems.

These are led to the establishment of an unique portfolio of projects/programmes that encompass environmental education, capacity building, community development, social cohesion amongst stakeholders, organisation development and institutional development.

Our Partners

At the foundation, we work with a diverse array of international and local partners.

These include:

Our beneficiaries directory

While achieving our goals & mission, we have been supporting local small businesses and grassroots organisations to grow under the framework of our Projects & Programmes.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Association Baka – ASBAK
  • AVAREF de Mindourou
  • Association des apiculteurs de la Boucle du Dja
  • Comité Villageois de Développement Durable de la Boucle de Mékas
  • ETS Kemit Ecology
  • Association Solidarité PK9
  • Association des Femmes Veuves, Veufs et Enfants déshérités (AVVED)
  • ETS Rec-Djimeli
  • ETS Karlita
  • GIC Bellomar
  • GIC Sanhysd Ajegbo
  • Fondation Jeune pour le Développement Durable
  • Association ADEC
  • Association Diaspo House
  • Comités de développement des Arrondissements de Douala 2ième, 3ième et 4ième
  • BB Corp

Our networking of experts