Our Objectives

Our general objective is to contribute to the improvement of livelihood and securing the rights of beneficiaries and their environment.

Specifically, our actions or initiatives are ranged into the following strategic axis:

  • Forest governance

contribute to the reduction of illegal usage of forest resources by ensuring the effective implementation of laws and decrees

  • Sanitation and social basic services

Facilitate a social cohesion amongst stakeholders including public-private partnerships for the access to social basic services in a healthy environment for the well-being of communities

  • Natural resource management (biodiversity and conservation)

Facilitate the effective participative of stakeholders in the sustainable management of natural resources

  • Climate change

Support innovative solutions (adaptation/mitigation) to tackle the effects of climate change

  • Cultural and social economic rights

Promote the rights of indigenous and local communities by themselves in public policies, specially in and at the boundaries of structuring project sites.