Fondation Camerounaise de la Terre Vivante (FCTV) is a Cameroonian Association, working to promote sustainable development and to facilitate solutions to environmental problems facing in Cameroon.

FCTV started life in 1987 as Living Earth Cameroon programme, a key partner of Living Earth Foundation (UK). In 1996, the organisation formally registered as a Cameroonian NGO and in 2008, Living Earth Cameroon changed its name to Fondation Camerounaise de la Terre Vivante, becoming a fully independent Cameroonian NGO. The organisation remains a close partner of Living Earth Foundation and is an integral part of the wider Living Earth network and has developed partnerships with various organisations around the world.

Cameroon is a country immensely rich in biodiversity, with vegetation varying from the mangrove swamps on its southern Atlantic coast, to humid rainforests, and savannah grasslands, and the Sahel in the north. However its natural resources are under great threat from economic, political, environmental and social pressures. Deforestation, the loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, pollution, poverty, extreme seasonal floods and waste management in industrial and urban centres are just some of the environmental issues and problems that Cameroon is facing today.

Over the past two decades, Living Earth Foundation (UK) and FCTV have developed a number of projects focused on environmental education and community development. The purpose of the projects have been to both raise the awareness of the general public and decision-makers regarding the need to introduce environmental education in the Cameroon’s educational system and to the wide public. We seek to encourage people to consider their impact on the environment, and to reduce or stop activities that deplete natural resources or threaten biodiversity in the region.  We work to build the capacity of all sectors of society to develop sustainable solutions to the environmental, social and economic challenges that they face.

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