FCTV and SAILD organizes training of trainers on the use of Forest Watcher mobile

From the 2nd to 3rd August 2017, a training session was organized at SAILD premises in Yaounde. This was done to facilitate the implementation of the project “INDEPENDENT FOREST MONITORING BY LOCAL COMMUNITIES AND CIVIL SOCIETY THROUGH MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES”. The principal objective of this training session was to build up capacities of workers on how to manipulate and manage Global Forest Watch system and the Forest Watcher application. The training module was designed to edify participants on the knowledge and mastery of real-time forest monitoring systems and protocols (1) and mastering the technical guide to evaluate, download and analyze GLAD alerts (2).

The Forest Watcher application, which will be available on play store by September 2017, will allow users (communities and local CSOs) to monitor and document the different changes in forest cover in and around the Dja Biosphere Reserve. With the results, which will be provided by these users, decision makers will then be able to apply strong measures in order to safeguard the integrity of this UNESCO World Heritage.

This training session ended with the various participants being fully satisfied. It is thus believed that the Dja biosphere reserve and many other forests around the Congo basin shall be preserved and conserved with the use of ICTs.

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